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  • She silently thanked Ted as he stepped in front of her so the men couldn t see her.
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    musikk da…

    September 28th, 2005

    Musikk er en ganske stor del av livet mitt…og jeg liker mye rart da vettu. Men mest gÃ¥r det i indie pop og rock av forskjellig slag.

    Denne uka har det ikke blitt tid til sÃ¥ mye musikk-lytting som vanlig, men har fÃ¥tt hørt litt pÃ¥ bl.a. the Cure (kjøpte de fire første platene deres), Luna, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion og mange flere egentlig…

    Har igrunn ikke hatt noe særlig forhold til Gluecifer før, men deres avskjedssingel Desolate City rocker jammen brakka noe inni hampen (for Ã¥ si det sÃ¥nn)…

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  • The roof was littered with autumn's fallen leaves--years worth from the looks of it-along with broken limbs and fallen branches. It wasn t because of the way she wore her hair, or the lovely dress she was wearing.
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  • But no matter what I did, I was still unpopular.
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    September 28th, 2005

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  • Just as she finished wringing the last shirt, Ted called out to her.
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    I suppose by about midway through the ordeal, I started grunting at him. I spent the night at Theydon Hall, eager for the chance to enjoy supper, brandies, and laughter to the wee hours of this morrow, as is my habitual indulgence when in my cousin's company.
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  • Jeg har ikke noe spesielt Ã¥ si ennÃ¥, men jeg poster likevel.

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  • She turned and looked at him, her jaw dropped, You saved him?
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  • He knew very well she couldn t actually make him do it, and she wasn t going to nicely ask either. She had told Una about the gazette clipping she had discovered among Cheadle's possessions with the note: Suitable for our needs?
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  • His men also leveled their guns on Jason and Lucas with their boss s movements.
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    He didn t wish to be known as the man with the date who upset Barry Henderson.
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