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  • Her mouth dropped, But you didn t know me then You say that, but you are wrong.
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    musikk da…

    September 28th, 2005

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  • The sunlight behind her gave him the impression that she had a halo around 154 Meant To Be her head. What a pleasant surprise, darling, James said with a smile.
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    Being around Lucas for those few moments seemed to have given her confidence. Money, he replied, turning his attention back to the tables.
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  • Musikk er en ganske stor del av livet mitt…og jeg liker mye rart da vettu. Men mest gÃ¥r det i indie pop og rock av forskjellig slag.

    Denne uka har det ikke blitt tid til sÃ¥ mye musikk-lytting som vanlig, men har fÃ¥tt hørt litt pÃ¥ bl.a. the Cure (kjøpte de fire første platene deres), Luna, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion og mange flere egentlig…

    Har igrunn ikke hatt noe særlig forhold til Gluecifer før, men deres avskjedssingel Desolate City rocker jammen brakka noe inni hampen (for Ã¥ si det sÃ¥nn)…

    Min første post

    September 28th, 2005

    noon sun angle april 11 40 degrees n
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  • Usually he would just influence her to leave him alone, but he knew she was drunk, he could smell the alcohol on her breath. It was too late for him to call this off.
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    He didn't know what she was apologizing for until he saw the signs of the heat.
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    I ll take you but I need you to rest up first. Picking up the night stand, he hauled it out to the living room.
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  • She needed to figure out if this would last too if she stayed with him. He drained the last dregs of coffee from the mug in the microwave.
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    Jeg har ikke noe spesielt å si ennå, men jeg poster likevel.